BIGTIME muscle [88bg] -- Octoberfest, Duel Challenge

It’s OCTOBERFEST ! here at BIGTIME muscle – for EVERYONE ! ! ! ( as always ! )

… realizin’ not everyone has all of the DLC – here is a ( I hope ! ? ) fair Duel for this months challenge:

Take on Maple Valley Reverse -and/or- Maple Valley Short Reverse in either of my #3 Toyota GT-ONE or my Aston Martin #009 AMR One ( DLC ).

– Maple Valley Reverse – time to beat = 1:16.765 ( set in my #3 Toyota GT-ONE, but you may use either of the two cars on my storefront )

– Maple Valley Short Reverse – time to beat = 32.587 ( set in my Aston Martin #009 AMR One, DLC, but, again, you may use either of the two cars on my storefront )

The tunes ( required ) are on my storefront !

( I’ll post some paints too (not required), but will encourage any who wish to provide some for the privateers ! )

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I don’t have the Aston so just times for the Toyota
Maple full R - 1:14.493
Maple short R - 32.644
Both pb’s. Nice tune :slight_smile:

Maple Short R - 32.644 (pb) runnin the GT-ONE - funny how often this happens (give or take a thousandth or two lol)

GREAT tune AND lap time, DL!

Back to the track =)

Time update
Maple Short R - Toyo GT-ONE - 32.013 (pb)

nice one Wan!

but… uhmmm…

…looking at the leaderboard - you’re car’s “only” R1 990 (as opposed to 998) on Maple Valley Short Reverse?

wonder if that could be a tire width glitch from wheels installed … seen that before … I’ll try to download tune

EDIT ok you didn’t install wheels but it is a tire width that’s engine only upgrade pi

I had the same problem running the full coarse, I loaded your tune from my tuning setups after I down loaded it, but when I went to the leaderboards to set a lap the car went to its default tune ???, so had to load your tune again, but looks like I forgot to load it again for the short course. I’ve just got back off my holiday, so I will try again soon.

So the tune on my storefront appears to be the correct one, 998 or not?

I’ve see the tune load glitch also - begining with a car with wheels, load a tune without… and you only have stock width tires UNTIL you load the tune a second time. This is very likely what happened with Wan.

ya it loads fine

Maple Full Rev. - 1:14.381 (pb) - Both tunes worked GREAT while drivin in ‘analog’ :wink:

Havin a blast at Octoberfest!! =)

Just ignore this post , my tune was glitched too , will have to run again

Been a LONG LONG time since i drove the GT one . It was quite tricky for me , with my fondness for " full welly " driving . I had to take it easy with the car . I managed a time of 1:14:628 on full reverse . I shall give the short course a run later on today .

Replay named Octoberfest , i set the time on lap 19 . Just FF through the replay , its mainly one crash after another tbh lol

If it makes you feel any better, I can’t really run LMPs with TCS off either. I mean, I can get it around the track at an alright pace, but LMPs give absolutely no grip feedback so it’s pretty dang hard to keep the car from kicking out at low speeds. Doesn’t help matters that the powerband on these things is “nothing nothing noth-EVERYTHING!” Lol

Òh i got absolutely NO mission of driving the R classes without TC whatsoever . The only way i can get the R1’s round the tracks quickly is to try and get as much grip outta them as i can .

I ran the " proper " tune , much more easier to drive . I left prob half a sec or so on the track but managed a 1:14:297 on lap 8 of my replay . Will run other course this afternoon hopefully

Couldnt quite beat your 32’5 time , was actually .002 behind Wan’s tome funny enough , replay is on my SF named Octoberfest 2 .

Out of curiosity DL , what settings are the bump / rebound on the Toyota ???

Well, that was a bit nerve racking ;]

Full Reverse - 1:15.954 - Short Reverse - 32.552

Thanks for the Challenge, DL ;]

V, I believe I left the Damping… Rebound and Bump are at “stock” on the Toyota One = 8.3/9.8 & 5.6/6.5 (seemed to work well with my low, low ARB settings ;^)

…and Kool, NICE Paint on the AMR One ! :^)


…looks like Great Times being had by all ! ! !

Thanks for the info on the bump / rebound settings . I was wondering what kinda ratio you had going on . Ive been focusing on the bump / rebound side of tuning lately and i think i can get a new PB with the GT One .

That would be impressive ! – I see where you are in the Mazda !

I forgot to thank you for setting up the comp , was a great excuse to get back to R1 class again :slight_smile: