BIGTIME muscle [88bg] -- Bertone Mantide vs. Chevrolet Corvette(s) -- Closed

I’ve been doin’ a little cleanin’ up & clearin’ out of some cars that’ve been sittin’round in the back o’ the ol’ garage… buildin’ some littl’ beasties and passin’ them along to new homes via. the good ol’ Auction House… When I “discovered” these wicked monsters – I thought I’d share ‘m here, if anyone’s still lookin’ for somethin’ to do ;^)

2010 Bertone Mantide “100 Anni Edition” (1912 - 2012)


2006 “Lingenfelter” Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06


2010 Chevrolet Corvette GRANDe Sport

“OEM” “fantasy” …theme builds – way too much hp & no aero… S Class ;^)

…the tunes and paints are on my storefront.

Take these out to Le Mans, La Sarthe (yes, the one with the kinks in it!)

Do you want a target time? – I got the 'vette down to 4:09… and I think there’s still some left in it! ;^)


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OEM - Clean lap ---- DL, I must commend you, you have more skill level and patience than I possess ;] all your gonna get outta me…

Corvette - 4:15.543

Bertone - 4:16.197

Thanks for the ‘Challenge’ ;]

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I’m going to add another, slightly less insane, Corvette into the mix: The 2010 Chevrolet Corvette GRANDe Sport.

a bit less hp than the other two, but a pretty sweet handlin’ ride with a nice aftermarket transmission!

(Thank a bargain purchase in the AH this morning for this one.)

same as with the others - tune and a paint will appear on my storefront, shortly.

Lol, like your second post there Leek. Here are my times so far.

2010 Chevrolet Corvette GRANDe Sport - 4:36.067

2010VetteVsBertoneMantide by TarryVariable1, on Flickr

2010 Bertone Mantide - 4:28.271

BertoneMantideVsVettes by TarryVariable1, on Flickr

2006 Lingenfelter Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 - 4:34.647

2006VetteVsBertoneMantide by TarryVariable1, on Flickr

Thanks for trying these out Tarry - I hope you enjoyed them!

I am planning to run your Jag’s and Kool’s Poser Unicorn - really.

The console’ been on, but I just haven’t had the uninterrupted stretch of time I’d like to.

Ya I enjoyed driving the cars. Think I might be able to beat my Mantide time with the 2006 Vette. Hope you try out the Jag’s Leek. Ya I too sometimes have hard time having enough free time to play as well. Hopefully Saturday I can drive the cars again and try out Kool’s Poser Unicorn too. Update, Yee Ha, I did it I beat the Mantide in the 2006 Vette with the time of 4:27.433

06VetteBeatsMantidePic1 by TarryVariable1, on Flickr