Big GT Sport updates coming in the near future

Will the upcoming changes make a difference or is it too late?

Between the upcoming additions and heavy price cuts it’s got, I might actually buy the game now.

Don’t know but that is how to communicate to your fan base. Take notes Turn 10. It’s a sad day when Polyphony Digital communicates better than Turn 10.

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Gran Turismo Sport already has the best Multiplayer and Community tools/experience (in my opinion) of any modern racing game.

Single Player was lacking but this is a good step in the right direction.

I suspect all of this new content was initially planned for launch (you don’t whack something like this out in 4-6 weeks) and didn’t make it, but they’ve framed their announcement in such a way as to make people think that their voices had an impact. I’m sure their PR department earned their paycheques for that one :wink:

I think the cars were probably work in progress and would have been coming out anyway, but I’m not so sure on the career (maybe I’m wrong).

I think “GT League’s” development started near or after launch, making and adding new races isn’t extremely difficult, most of the work would be in the UI and art. The thumbnails for the races definitely have a nostalgic vibe to them. Considering the development time of GT Sport, it should have been on release if they intended to make a proper career, otherwise that plan backfired massively. The sales and reviews (especially on Amazon) would indicate that.

Either way I’m happy things are moving in a positive direction for the game.