[BFD] Winter Holidays Livery Contest

Hello everyone,

Follow the results at the end of the thread

I’m the host of BestForzaDesigns, an Instagram based community that have the goal to show off all the cool liveries made for FH4.

We just recently launched our 2nd livery contest and this time we decided to also accept submissions from here for those who don’t use instagram.

So you can either submit your entries here, on BestForzaDesigns Instagram or on our Discord server!
I’ll be also posting on this thread the entries i receive from other channels.

Just to be clear, prizes are: Glory, Honour and Pride, and hopefully a lot of fun hehe

Feel free to ask any question!

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Have to see if i get time for an entry, but ill do my best to make time for it :upside_down_face::+1:t2:

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That would be really cool to see you participating :grin:, deadline is 27/12

I’m doing a Christmas Design.

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First entry has arrived!

Ice Cold Energy by GT: Peodsgns

Noel 2020 by GT:Freeman6869

Raptor Aurora by GT: Skyline0123

Nice designs so far!

Here’s Mine!

Gamertag: AquaPainter168
Vinyl Name: Harley Christmas
Share Code: 976 230 673

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02 XXMAS by Kateriusus

Santa Van by GT: RobzGTI

Merry Christmas Unimog by RTT Farfadet

Elf Movie by GT: J_U_M_B_O

Coca-Cola by GT: L0WPLAY3R

XMAS Ornament by GT: t0ny137


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Full on Christmas mood Sp33dyKat! :slight_smile:
I will need at least 3 photos per design to validate the entries though, you can send by mail if you prefer: jgab91x@gmail.com

Merry Christmas by GT: FeeNinie24

Iced Subaru by GT: ViewerBot

Gamertag: AquaPainter168
Vinyl Name: Harley Christmas
Share Code: 929 960 471

Car: 2008 BMW Z4 M Coupe

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Ooh nice! @Aquapainter168, are you by any chance on Instagram or Discord?