[BFD] Unexpected Sponsor Livery Contest

New contest!
Hosted by BestForzaDesigns

The contest is mainly taking place on our instagram account but we opened this thread for those who are not using instagram

Feel free to also join us on Discord to discuss around the contest and forza livery designs and photography

I will be posting on here the entries i receive from other channels.

Just to be clear, prizes are: Glory, honour, pride, and hopefully a lot of fun hehe

Feel free to ask any question!

Should we post what we are going to do so we don’t get dupes? (not sure if mine will be all that unique of a choice).

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You can enter whathever you think it’s fitting, then it will be up to the individual opinion of each jury how fitting or not it is to them. If you want to discuss i recommend you to join the discord so we focus on entries here hehe, or you can modify your reply here each time you do an update.

Here’s what I came up with for an Unexpected Sponsor. Kind of a nod to the movie Baseketball (the shameless sponsorship of stadiums). Although a name everyone knows and a popular product, it’s not something I expect to see on the side of Denny Hamilin’s car anytime soon. Hopefully it doesn’t offend anyone (and I apologize in advance if it does). (this is already posted on Discord).

GT: ViperousRhyme84
Car: 2016 Subaru #19 WRX STI “Welcome Pack”
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Definitely ‘unexpected’ VR - well done! :grin:

Actually I can do one even though I am working on another project, because my other project includes a product.

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Not sure if this counts as unexpected - It certainly wouldn’t happen in this day & age.
Inspired by my latest delivery of e-liquid !
I couldn’t resist putting the health warning on the roof :slight_smile:

GT: ChrisAndyDan
Car: Hyundai Veloster N
SC: 112937945

Hyundai Edge 1 by Chris Daniels, on Flickr
Hyundai Edge 2 by Chris Daniels, on Flickr
Hyundai Edge 3 by Chris Daniels, on Flickr

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Motocrumb AMG GT-R by MuschelKaiser35
SC: 126 200 195

Twinings by RobzGTI

English tea brand

The CW 911 GT1 by GutinGutin007

My design is from the film Kill Bill, the cereal with a surprise inside!!!..

El Camino Kaboom
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Chevrolet El Camino


Dove 911 GT3 RS by ToastedBuns JZ

Adidas Impreza by ViewerBot


Nutella Abarth 595 by L0wplay3r


Hello ,

Thought I’d enter a re-work of a design I did over a year ago.

Drayton Entertainment is the company I work for, they operate 7 venues in the province of Ontario, Canada. ( well pre-pandemic… currently all venues shut-down and all staff laid off)
Since I work in the audio dept. I used various audio companies and suppliers for secondary sponsors.

The original version of this design was done as a joke for our artistic director, The company has several auto sponsors who provide vehicles, I did the original design as a lark suggestion
for our next “community cruiser” or production vehicle for the audio dept.

It would be extremely unlikely any theatre company would have the funds to sponsor a race team , given funding for the arts is always a challenge.

Best of luck everyone–there are some very nice designs in this thread.
Thanks for hosting the comp!

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Borussia Dortmund RS4 by PeoDsgns

Gillette Mustang by ViewerBot

Bialetti Coffee Maker

Aventador LP700-4 Forza Edition
119 909 472


Xiaomi IS-F by GT: VIewerBot

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