Beyond Angry!

I know this will fall on beyond deaf ears but here is the letter I wrote to Turn 10 regarding an issue I had when I turned on my Xbox last night!

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to the management or anyone at Turn 10 that actually still gives a crap about the players and the people who you gladly have taken money from and then left a less than average impression with.

I turned my Xbox on last night to only find defeat. I have never glitched, cheated or otherwise attempted to cheat the game in any way deemed to make myself better in the game status. I raced and worked hard, I spent a lot time and effort in the free play and testing environments. I like drag racing and I guess that doesn’t fit your agenda so because I built and spent hours on cars and tuning that because I got in the private lobby and raced ghost to improve myself, I am being punished for that.

So as a result of play how I wanted to and only getting a few credits here and there by TESTING………. And doing nothing wrong – if it was an issue, it should be blocked not blind siding your customers. So as a result, I will NO LONGER SPEND ANY of my HARD EARNED money and I will tell you this………… I will spread what happened to me. I lost cars, credits and tokens…………… You have lost a VERY loyal customer and I will no longer support a company who craps on it’s customers.

I am going to be erasing the game and will not be a part of it if my credits I worked for are not returned to my game.

Thank you, soon to be former customer, Zac.


All that and you never said what actually happened…?


Sounds like you already sent a email in. No reason to keep this going if that’s the case.

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