Better way to send and recieve telemetry data to an external application

We all know that Forza set a data in and data out reciever in the bottom of I believe HUD setting to allow the use of external data tracking apps that collect and display the real time telemetry data from your races, events, group convoys, etc. I want to use this as it can improve my tuning ability in the garage to fine gap tunes by looking at past data. But there isn’t an application out there that has the UI set up to be as realistic as possible while also being readable. It would be nice if Forza were able to take some time and put out an app that can connect to game in a similar manner and take real-time accurate telemetry data.

But this data can be heavily useful not only for tuning but also for improving racing lines for players letting them accurately observe race data and make changes to they way they race and how they race their cars for optimal performance to maximize the fastest lap times and such.

This is such a good idea

Not just telemetry data, any data would be nice. If they allowed people to have access to LB’s, car collections and user data, the user could then create companion apps to assist along side the game.