Better warning system for upcoming updates

I’ve been asking the same question on Instagram and Forza’s community feed on Xbox for over 10 days now…

Will there be a better warning system for upcoming update release dates / update sizes in Horizon 5?

By this I mean will there be warnings on the Xbox community feed 3-7 days before updates stating the release date & how big they are, In-game warnings when you start saying “there will be an update on this day and this is how big it is.” Or even an Instagram post days beforehand stating the same info instead of saying there’s an update after its been posted. (and not giving update size.)

I’m part of the people who don’t have good enough Internet to update anything bigger than 500mb without waiting ridiculous amounts of hours so Im constantly checking the community feed to see when updates are so I can plan my 27-39 mile (one way) trip to update instead of getting home from work to see the game I just updated the day before needs another update…

Every horizon and motorsport game failed to do this with the exception of Horizon 4 saying sometimes there will be an update a day or two before, but didn’t release update size until after update was released.

Does anyone have any info on if they’ll be better at warning players about updates or will they just leave players in the dark so that only good Internet players can play more?

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I am probably the odd man out here, but since I prefer solo playing I would be glad to forfeit the ability to ever play on line in exchange for the ability to decline any and all updates.

I wouldn’t mind just playing completely offline when I need updates, but as I learned from Horizon 3, some achievements don’t sync up when going back online and even tho you have the data to prove you’ve earned them, Forza support can’t give you the achievements… You’ve already earned…

I’m not a fan of how many updates FH4 had. Literally every time I started up the game, an update occurred.

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Updates only occurred once a month on average, with the occasional hot fix throw in to patch something broken from the previous update. I played the game every single day since launch except for a short two week break and my current status, every couple days maybe. I have over 40k races, I know the update schedule quite well.

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Yes but there was a point in time there was updates almost twice a week when the wall riding fix attempts were being made. But at the same time, to play everyday you have to have good enough to update. As someone who doesn’t, the more notice they give to players through more sources means people like me can play ahead to go to good enough Internet to update so we don’t miss anything.