Best wheel and seat combo

What is the best steering wheel/pedal and shifter kit?..seating as well i want the full experience…id like something with a rear shifter not just up and down. Is this the time to buy one or should i wait a bit? Thanks guys

Sorry xbox one system :slight_smile:

That depends on how much much money you want to spend.
For the wheel atm there is only the TX from Thrustmaster. They should soon release the 3 pedal set und the handshifter as well. For the pedals i’d wait for the adapter mr. basherman is doing so you could attach Fanatec CSPs.
Soon there will be the Mad Catz but i don´t know if they whre planing to make a 3 pedal set and a handshifter as well.
To wait for Fanatec, that could take years ^^

The seat is more diffucult to anwser. If you got enough room i’d say a custom rig out of aluminium profiles (just google, you’ll find the answer) with a real racing seat is the ultimate solution, not quit pretty though.
Otherwise you could go with a seat that fits your price range from Fanatec down to a Playseat but i would not recommend that since the center post can be really annoying :wink:

Right now, you’re only choice for wheel is the Thrustmaster until the end of Feb when Madcatz releases their wheel. Reviews should start to pop up soon, so I’d honestly hold out if you can just a bit longer to see what the difference is between the two. As for shifters, Thrustmaster is supposed to be releasing a shifter for the TX, but don’t know when that’s coming. And then like Carnage said, Thrustmaster is also supposed to be releasing a 3 pedal set for the TX, but honestly, it’d probably be a nicer setup with the adapter Basherman is coming out with and a pair of the Fanatec CSPs.

Seat wise, if you have the room, go with a full cockpit. If not, there are some pretty good stands out on the market for wheels, too. Here’s a link to the majority of stands/cockpits on the market.