Best vehicle for banking skills in free roam?

You know, the ones with the higher multiplier, like the BMW M6 FE from Forza 4.

Has anyone found any good ones so far?


Anyone find anything good?

So far Ive been using a FE Corvette from the 50s. Has a 7x multiplier but def not even remotely the meta.

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I thought the FE Sesto Elemento (skills boost) might be the new FE Renault 5 Turbo, but my attempts to rack up skill points haven’t suggested that it is. I need to find somewhere that’s like the FH4 quarry or Astmoor, though. I kept thumping into rocks that would pop out from behind cactuses at irksome moments.

I have been banking my skill points in the area with the white topped green houses, you can just drift around underneath of those getting destruction, drift and wrecking ball points.

I net 10 skill points every 3 minutes with the Hoonigan RS200.

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I totally want to find another little plaything for this, like that small Renault (5?) from FH4.

It was just the perfect little nimble thing to toy around with.

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I’ve been using the Ford Puma FE with a nice S2 tune. Probably as close as I’m gonna get to the Renault 5 Turbo FE and I always wanted to drive it more in FH4 anyway. Looks so clean.

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I’m using the same as in FH4 at the moment - Hoonigan RS200 with an X-class tune. 7x multiplier available, and very easy to rack up skills. I’m also still looking for a good place to safely rack up skills though - FH4’s airfield is going to take a lot of beating.

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ive been using the formula drift cars and the sesto elemento forza edition. they have 7X as well.


The FE corvette is the best Ive found by far. The 3x speed to 7x is great for freeroam.

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The rally fighter has the best vehicle perks. I’m almost always at 5x multiplier, unless there a skill song. Then I’m at 10… It also is great to drift with and has a 900 performance index when absolutely maxed out with upgrades. I shared my tune for it if y’all want to try it out.

This is what I’m looking for as well. I used to use the FE bmw at the airfield in fh4. Really easy to rack up skill points. Haven’t found a car or location so far that can compare.

The Formula Drift cars do a good job. Simply do drifting on the airstrip, works very well. Others are nice, too, but with the 20% driftskill boost, it’s a charme.

There is nothing as good as the M6 FE was in FH4. The closest I’ve found in this game is the Pontiac Firebird GTA FE. It only has x5 skill chain, but is a Drift Boosted FE and has the wreckage boost in the skill tree. It is good for drifting/power sliding from point to point on the map and running over cacti along the way. I have a shared a Skillpoint Gettr tune that grips on all surfaces, yet still has enough power to induce slide. It can also 3 star most stunts and should be a good Arcade car once they reliably have enough participants to be worthwhile.

I hope that we’ll get some better Drift FE cars in this game, but this is my pick until then.

I’ve been trying different things. So far as others say - Formula Drift cars whatever you prefer gets you x7.0 skill multiplier and Drift bonuses. Basically if you run any twisty Drift Zone back and forth you will easily get those 500k, however it’s a little annoying to do for a long time.
RS200 Hoonigan also has x7.0 multiplier, Drift bonus and Air bonus, so going cross country randomly is a good way to get a lot of Combo bonuses and less annoying.
1963 Corvette FE has x7.0 multiplier and Clean skill boost (eh).
Benz CLK-GTR FE x7.0 multiplier Speed skill boost (basically the MC12 Maserati FE) good to run those custom events at top speeds.
Maserati Gran Turismo S FE - x6.0 multiplier clean skill (meh)

In my opinion whatever car you use is good but x7.0 (I wonder if there are better multipliers on any cars) is a must. This way you max 500k at 72k points x7.0, against 100k points at x5.0.


The thing about the bmw FE was that it wasn’t the best for drift zones but it was easy to control. The airfield in fh4 was a relatively small space with a lot of destructables. I had a course that I would follow through there drifting and sideswiping stuff along the way. The amount of stuff in there really helped build skill score much faster than just drifting.

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A good place is the old Airfield, where you do the huge jump in that movie storymission. Drift up and down, hit some lights and fences, do some jumps if you like. But I don’t grind for hours, so it maybe boring for some of you.

The DeLorean has 7x multiplier, 2 second extended skill chain and a 1.21 times faster multiplier boost available in perks. It also can be tuned to have 1750 hp with 1475 ft-lbs torque. I shared a max tune and an off road tune that I’ve started using.

Edit: also in perks is 20% wreckage boost, 20% xp boost for free roam skills, super wheelspin and 15 fp.


Personally, I like the Exocet Off-Road Forza Edition.

It doesn’t have a huge multiplier, but it has a destruction skill boost that racks up score fast while just smashing everything in sight.

That sounds promising. I’ll try the DeLorean when it comes out. For now I’ve been using the FE 'vette at the airstrip and it’s decent. Maybe it’s just that I had everything so dialled in fh4 that 5 doesn’t seem as good to me yet.

I’ve been using Formula Drift cars (Viper in particular) and it works like a charm on the airfield, but my main issue is that I spend more time waiting for skill points and skills to finish their animination than actually drifting with the car. Is there any way to speed up that process?

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