Best tune for rough terrain

Hey I’m pretty new to the forza series I was wondering what’s the best tune for the rough terrain areas. I have a problem with my vehicles losing traction and spinning out. How do I fix that?

On rough surfaces you want to try softer suspension, when it’s hard the car bounces and loses grip. But don’t go too soft, or the car bounces too much and you lose grip. lol
Also it depends on the car, ride height set higher will also help, so the car’s not bottoming out.
These adjustments will negatively affect on road handling, and make the car drive like a boat, but offroad is very different. Roads are made to be flat and smooth, but with offroad what you see is what you get!
Grippier tires will help too, and don’t give it big rims, as that will give less tire flex, which isn’t great off-road.

Is your vehicle FWD, RWD, or AWD?

Try softening your suspension, lifting your ride height a little more than usual, reducing the rear bump, and setting your front rebound higher than the rear. Lower your accel differential a bit, and decrease the rear toe to give the car some extra stability in the rear.

lower accel diff only really applies to rwd

Yes, on AWD I would check the torque split.

He did say he has spinning out issues - may be just throttle control issues.