Best leveling up method?

Im trying to find the best way i can increase my drivers level easy. Is there any options i can do?

Buy mod cards from race shop that say +750xp or +1,000xp and +1,500 and use them for free play single player races. Also if you increase A.I, A.I difficulty and number of laps that will also give you a boost.

Buy the +exp mod cards and then do short one lap races. Otherwise grinding laps out on the Indy oval with an Indy car is your best bet.

I forget what level i am because my number is a star now but i just played a lot and never used mod cards, if you just play the leveling comes easily enough. Grinding oval tracks and the experimental drag is decent if you want to level with minimal effort, but wheres the fun in that.

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Never really understood what the driver level is for anyway. It’s not like it’s based on skill and it doesn’t really give you any major rewards (aside from the car/gear/credits bonus you get for levelling up). It’s just a Skinner box to keep you playing. “Oh if I do one more race, I’ll level up and get a random car or driver gear.”