Best forza MS yet

after playing FMS 5 i complained to microsoft and i actual got a refund as i feel the the handling on the cars was god aweful so as you can imagin i was reluctant to buy FMS 6 but i did and glad as well thumbs up turn 10 you out did your selfs this time any one else feel that FMS 5 was a big let down in how the game handled like poor steering and breaking and it just felt like it had nothing that you could realy call a good forza game

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Best FMSport yet??
Ha ha you gotta be kiđding mate.


Did you read the fine print???


*on the Xbox One


No, it’s a pretty fun game.

Its a copy and paste pretty much of Forza 5, except the weird and unrealistic handling physics.

Taking out many favoured hoppers etc etc… Not to mention everybodys favourte 3d puddles.

Maybe you need to read the majority of posts on this forum to see how the community really rates this 2015 next gen game.


Maybe you should have stopped trolling and read our Code of Conduct. Do not moan when the inevitable happens.


thats not trolling my friend its pointing out the truth…


I consider it trolling as well.

I also consider second-guessing the Dragnet to be a very foolish thing to do.


I now have visions of Dragnet going into “Terminator” mode and going troll-hunting :slight_smile: !!

Seriously, though, FM6 is a good game, and taking up what spare time I have.

Honest question, have you played forza motorsport 4?


I have played Forza 4, still have it, still love it.

That said, I have also played Forza 6, still have it, still like it. There may be flaws but I am able to play around them and have a very good time.


If you can’t do this, that’s your problem and not mine. To each their own…

What an odd comment. OP says this is best Forza. Dude asks if OP has played Forza 4, which makes you think he preferred forza 4. You say you love forza 4 and like forza 6, suggesting you feel the same way as you have stronger feelings for forza 4. You then went off on one. Chielhier never said he doesn’t like forza 6.

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In all honesty, forza 4 is in many ways better than 6. If 4 had night, rain(without the puddles), open wheeled cars and Spa, it would be near perfect.


I put some separation between the two.

That last part was more of a generalized you and not Chielhier specifically. In this thread, it’s most applicable to PartyBoy.

Poor text communication on my part…

have not played a forza that handles poorly yet and Ive played all but the horizon titles. the only problem I had with 5 was the lack of content. maybe its just me but I thought 5 handled better than anything before it in my opinion. I do agree that 6 is best, I just cant get enough of it. i had to adjust to the less forgiving experience that no assist offers now but its only making me better overall. Im now smoking the ai on unbeatable with ease in non leaderboard cars. I even posted a few top 20 times which is a first in the series for me.Throttle control, smooth inputs and popper braking yield huge returns, balance also seem a bit better as most of my builds are within a second or two per class. def best forza yet, gotta love t10. I do see a lot of complaints here but I’m thinking its from people having a difficult time adjusting. Ive always been above average but 6 treated me like a noob early on and it was frustrating. lap times on tracks I knew very well were god awful. long story short, bad habbits can no longer be overcome without the training wheels like past games. I feel the game is more sim like in the physics department and we just have to step our game up if we wish to play no assist

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I think it’s okay but I’ve only played fm4 which was AMAZING, skipped 5 and played some of the horizon games.

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My favorite Motorsport game is still 4. Unless 6 gets some patches/fixes it does not even come close, in fact (besides the handling from FM5) it may be the worst in the series by far (I haven’t played 1 or 2 mind you).

My favorite Forza game though? Horizon 2. By a long shot. LOVE that game to this day.

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i know some are going to accuse me of putting rose colored glasses back on. but fm1 is still the best forza. heck its one of the best racers period and may flat out be the best racer by hardware of all time.

I did not take part in forza 5 because nba 2k has taken many years away from my gaming career in racing. Though I am blown away, overwhelm and centered all in one as I see these sweet cars, the graphics the way the shifting is so responsive. I’m quite fond of the racing world, specially reaching such high prestige early when xbox live kicked off. So i’m familiar with the tracks, furthermore, Real Racing 3 has kept me going in some of the unfamiliar tracks here and there. Never thought i’d be in level 43 after two weeks with Madden 16 and 2k16 in my collection, but I am, Can’t see myself playing any other game more than Forza 6 this year honestly, all due respect to black ops 3.

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D], MS never refunds money. Maybe you got it from some retailer… but an open game is 99% non-refundable everywhere. So please explain how you managed that?

Also, I agree with the fact that it’s not the best yet/ever… but simply a remake of FM5 with more tracks and less options for individuals to set as they prefer. I like FM6, already played +50/60 hours… but it’s no way better than FM4. FM4 was the cream of the crop for Forza/T10… IMO. But I do commend them on the track quantity. Though I would have preferred updated tracks from every year like New York, Motegi, Maple Valley, etc… and many others. Maybe they’ll introduce additional tracks and player freedoms… Maybe! We can always hope.