Best Drivatars?

Which drivatars are better?
the guy with more xp/money or the guy with more fans?

Xp or money. Fans mean nothing after you have 25m.

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I have kept the ones I have had for ages … .on y hired and fired one other for the achievement…

I hope I have been making the people who have me as one of their Drivatars a few Credits…

As SatNite said, fans mean nothing once you reach 25m, so ignore that. As for credits or XP, it depends on which matters more to you. If you want to earn credits faster, focus on hiring Drivatars with higher lifetime credit earnings. If you want to level up faster, focus on hiring Drivatars with higher lifetime XP. Their level is also a good general indicator of how much XP they might have, since XP is needed to level up. If your level is below 300, I’d suggest focusing on XP, since the levels are short and you’ll earn more wheelspins, earning you more credits or even Horizon Edition cars which award special bonuses. After level 300, the levels gradually get longer and by about level 400-500 you might want to consider focusing on credits since the level up wheelspins become more scarce. Just a suggestion though, your game, your decision. Good luck finding good Drivatars to recruit!

Could someone solve a doubt I have?
I wonder which amount of money show recruited drivatars. Is it just the cash that the player has in that moment or the global amount of CR won since the begining?.

Thanks in advance!
Enjoy Horizon.

It’s the global amount of credits they won since the beginning. I’m pretty sure of that because it never drops.