Beginner looking for help/ friends

Hello all…
as the title says im new here. just started drifting about a month ago… if that long…
First off i am running on the cheap rubber band 458 wheel setup… cant even really run circuit on a controller…
i am getting the basics to an extent. ive had some people run with me and run some tunes that they have made, and with a little help i can run with those. granted not anywhere near as well as i would like.
i believe last night i set up an S13 (i think) tt, i believe its set at 399 hp. and have been playing around with that. i would love to have people that play every night that i can try and run tandems with. to help push me to get better and tweak my setups so that they are more stable. im not really good with tuning at all.
im on just about every night after i get home from work, so feel free to add me and hit me up in game.

GT is same as my name on here

Thanks in advance. cant wait to see ppl in game

Feel free to add me I’m on few evenings every week uk time after9/10pm upto midnight Gamertag is sidewayz4life33

I’m trying to get active on fm again, ill add you tonight. I need to knock off some rust.