Before winter ends what should I get done?

Some thread mentioned a alleged drag strip so I guess I should grind out the drag races to unlock it. I think I heard there are some boards thAt you need to go across frozen water to hit the slope to jump up where you need to be. And lastly someone mentioned drifting goes better this season. It,s my worst skill. Should I work those before season ends ? I’d kinda like to get that super wheelspin at level 9, I’d probably just buy the 69 mustang at level 10. Thanks

Do the drag race on the lake and get the Range Rover barn find, that’s about it.

It doesn’t need to be winter to get any of the boards, you can drive through most of the lake in any season.

I’m waiting for Winter to end to 3 star the drift zone in the mountain, as I can barely see the road in the snow and 3 star the last few speed cameras and speed zones.

There is indeed a drag strip, but you don’t need the lake to be frozen for any bonus board - I smashed them all well before winter. There are a couple that involve picking your way through shallow water, but nothing impossible.