BeastDude's shots

Hi, I’ve only just found the forums in the last few days and decided to kind of join. I take alot of pictures that every now and then I have to delete them from my profile to make space for more. I’ve got them all saved to my pc for now and might use some sort of service to upload them all for people to see (i’ve just realised I’ve not deleted the ones from the fast and furious expansion, so they’re still up).
I don’t know what the rules are for this forum, in this particular subject, so if I’m doing anything wrong please correct me.

So here’s the link to my gallery:

Let me know what you think.

Well I’m a proper idiot. That link above doesn’t work unless it’s me and I’m logged in. However I am going to remedy this by posting all my shots I’ve takes so far below.
As of today’s date (25th may 2015) I have 614 pictures, and I will be posting all of them.
So, welcome to my gallery, on Flickr.

edit again:
So Flickr doesn’t want to work for me very well, having major issues with logging in. I do already have all 614 pics on there, but I doubt I’ll be adding anymore, especially if I can’t log back in (which I’ve sent them an email for help). So I’ve switched to Imgur, which was my first choice but didn’t use for somewhat reason. So far everything is working just fine. I’ve made an album although not sure why as the pictures are out of order (I might one day go back and re-order them properly but it’s not a priority), so the main image gallery will do as the pictures are in order there.
Here’s the link:

Just a test:
edit: ok, so it’s best to share from flickr.