Be Nice

I believe that this should apply all of the time. Not just with a release of a new game. New members are always joining and some old members don’t come on the forums frequently so we can’t assume that they have read every single post and seen every single thread.





With new people and people (such as myself) who don’t join all the time patience is a blessing. Let’s hope that we can come together as a community and make an atmosphere like that in horizon a reality. And if anyone is interested in talking cars, feel free to hit me up. :slight_smile:

This thread has some weird pics for a racing game forum.

Oprah, a clown, a knight, two of Chucky, an ape…

I’d join in but I only have pics of cars. OT, we swears te be nice to the noobs, but will not slow down for 'em :wink:

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Here’s another for you B wald, at least it’s car related;

Now we can all have a nice cuppa and chat cars. :slight_smile:

Nice one Mitchy, Mind = Blown


I’m always nice :wink:

That’s one very british car!

Of all the ways you guys could take the thread and run off on a tangent, I cannot believe you would all so studiously avoid the one hook I left in place for that very purpose. That being Little Vixen and her penchant for all things Patrick Swayze in Road House.

Hiero, you of all people should know just how unpredictable we forum users are, especially us regulars.

To underline my point:

Orcish C3 tracked flamethrower car. Made it myself out of parts from 7 different model kits (and some random debris). Note Heavy machinegun in passenger window (2ndary armament).

If PG can hire some of the “Twisted Metal” guys, maybe I can rock this in FH3…

B Wald

I find it disturbing that I recognize German WWII tank components on that car. Not because they are German WWII tank parts, but because, with a little thought, I could probably even tell what specific kind of tank they cam from, lol. ( I’m leaning King Tiger at first impulse. Too much military history reading/ item collecting.)

Good eye bro! Tracks are actually Tiger 1, but that’s close as makes no difference. Hard to tell from photo, but drive sprockets are properly attached to rear axle.

Here’s a fun fact to keep this OT: the gunner on that thing is incapable of being “nice”.

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I got this covered. It’s even on topic.

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Hopefully we’ll see some new people stay if they don’t get scared by the moderators :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope there won’t be as much negative posts on here as on the first page of the Forza 5 discussion. Wormburner was pretty tagged…

I can’t go as far as to say I’ll be nice. I will be tolerable of them.

Tolerable of them. Is that right? Does that work?

@Hieronymus, No-one puts Little Vixen in the corner!

this topic became a silly safehaven. Built upon grumps, tea time, tankcars… and of course roadhouse. What’s not to like about this??

Wanna see my car club?

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Ladies and gentlemen, The Batmobile.

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