Be Nice

The press reviews are now starting to appear and you are no doubt starting to see some very good reviews coming in for the game.

What we are also about to see, as a result of those positive reviews and the release of the game, is a sudden influx of new members posting to the forums for the first time. They will be new, they will be a bit overwhelmed by our community here and they will be looking for help and looking to join in the discussion. Some of them will have never played a Forza game before, some of them will have never played a video game before, some of them have never posted on an internet forum before but they all deserve our help, our friendliness and our consideration. They will ask lots of questions, lots of the same questions, over and over and over again. We will of course be happy to answer them all with smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts. We do so because we love our community and want to see it grow and prosper through yet another title. Those of us temporarily lacking in a face full of smiles and a heart full of warmth are hereby excused and even encouraged to abstain from posting in these situations.

Some of these new members will, obviously incorrectly, oppose even my opinions and I too will try to be nice while gently correcting them.

As Little Vixen tells us moderators continually, while channeling her inner Patrick Swayze fangirl, ‘be nice’.


Don’t worry Hiero, we’re all Good Guys.


To heck with that, lets ban some suckers !


Now we’re talking


The forums have been boring so i am looking for a little excitement!

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Ok, Hiero could you deal with Seps and Ill get Rex. Should we permaban them or just send them on holiday till next summer ?

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I love you too,WSD! I am going to be nice,what i meant was i am looking forwards to the rash of new posts as things have been rather stale on the forums lately.

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I’m ready

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I spent time as a game admin for an online MMO and had the sometimes pleasure, sometimes regret banning people. Not a responsibility I want again!

Btw, is that a Child’s Play 2 photo there (the second one)? I think it’s where he kills the teacher.


We’ve got a winner.

I’ve gone ahead and put down some of my own hard-earned cash to hire someone to hang out and, hopefully, help ease any tensions.

Here at, they all float …

I’m sure most of us will welcome new members with open arms. It’s the existing ones we need to sort out! lol
I think most of us veterans will be welcoming to newbies, just not each other! lol

Repetitive questions is write down my alley. Working customer service for a website, so this should be a piece of cake. -evil laugh here-

That should be a Private Message to everyone. Thanks Hiero.

I just hope that no one does something wrong, or else, they should get banned until 4048!

Just remember folks, theres going to be a huge influx of new people asking questions and starting threads , they maybe 80 or 16, English may not be their first language and it could possibly be their first time on a forum so show some understanding, common sense and patience and set a good example.

Take 5 minutes to reread the

CoC -

Remember theres a report button on every post, if you need to use it, then use it.

Think before you post, have fun


Like Hiero said “Be nice” … (although he just ripped it off from LV)

And from rpg1980, just visit this thread.

I’ll just get my aggression out on a Steam forum. Of course, over there you’re hardly noticed unless you have the mentality of a 2 year old with a bad case of fleas, so I may come back with severe shakes, and extreme bouts of irrational paranoia…

Just an idea; get the forum to mass-PM & pop-up every new signup and give them the 10 most important topics for FM5 and FH2 in the blink of an eye?

Seems more legit to get people started than to drag our feet not to laugh at some of the new questions. It’s only a matter of time that Mods/Admins are sleeping and someone starts a discussion again about “cutting corners”, “manual clutch”, “I want this in FM5”…

People won’t read them; People can’t even read a “out of order” sign when it’s plastered all over a machine’s screen.

Totally agree! I just found a video by BlackPanthaa saying basically the exact same thing (video link: Message To The Forza Community... - YouTube). There are people going to come on here and start a whole new thread asking about why this or why that, but if all we do is insult them, they are NOT going to come back here! And if Forza never gets anyone new to the community, there is a small chance there could never be any more Forza games!

Imagine you are at the Horizon Festival. You come to party, listen to great music and best of all, see great cars. How would you feel if you were they and you just kept getting insulted! Like literally, you are walking around and people start insulting you. I, for one, would not go back to that festival. As crazy as that is, it’s the same here. You jump online or to the forums to talk an have fun, yet you are met with insults and in some cases, cyberbullying.

Now that’s not to say this community is rude, because some people are so nice, but for new-comers and in general, that’s what we want to be like all the time. Not just some of the time.

360 or One, AWD or RWD, grammatically correct or incorrect, this is supposed to be a place where the community connects. And I believe with H2, we can make that happen.

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