Be happy Turn 10 is not like The Coalition (Gears of War)

Much to the anger of the fanbase, they were charging $10 for UIR pack, which is basically skins. Skins guys. Best part, it’s random.

I really don’t understand how they could justify charging that amount of money for skins other then their fake “rarity” which is set by THEM.
When I think of Forza’s packs, I can understand the work being put in and amount they charge, $7 for cars “built from the ground up - Dan G.” …however, for skins, I can’t.
Sure there is some work, but $10 worth? Forza charges less and puts more work in.

I know when it comes to RNG, The Coalition is not the first, but when you are paying money for a pack, you should get the whole content of the pack.
Instead, you are getting a random pull of a slot machine. How is this not illegal? Phil Spencer needs to step in.

In-game credits earned thru various modes of play, ok I can understand that. Sure that can be RNG.
But paying real money, still random? No way. I can understand the frustration over there and hope such non-sense with Xbox games and their card systems stay in check.

This is nothing new. Games like League of Legends charge real money for character skins (which have no in-game effect), and some mobile F2P games charge money which offer you a few shots at a luck machine for some rare items.

I’m very grateful that Turn 10 has steered well clear away from this business model when it comes to Forza.

Lol. Illegal? Are you serious? How’s it illegal? Theyrr not forcing anyone to buy anything. Its just a fun little lottery.

You want something that’ll get your goat, go look up world of tanks economy. Specifically look up “wot back in black” tanks. Granted that’s a free to play game but one tank can be up to and over $50. ONE tank. Tanks that have benefits you can only pay to get. You can get the same benefits without paying, but takes a much longer time.

Although I will say big props to fh3 giving everyone access to horizon edition cars without paying irl money. I was shocked to see that.

It’s still early in the game! Who knows?..they may pop up on the autoshow for sale with tokens as the only option and you can’t auction them! Or maybe they may put all 33 in a pack for $20 towards the end of the game’s lifespan! lol

I don’t pay for DLC content in general as I detest it but I’d never pay for content that doesn’t have some practical purpose. Plus, anything “limited edition” or rare almost always becomes widely distributed eventually.

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