Be able to load tunes at the point before you hit Start Race

I find it quite quite unnecessarily constraining that one can’t load a tune before starting race. It would make game play so much better if one could do this. Currently I have duplicates of my meta cars, each with a different tune, dirt or road/street along with duplicates for each class.
Life would be far simpler and also we’d cut down on save file sizes if we could save all of our desired tunes under a single car and then load the relevant one before hit Start Race.
It’s ridiculous that the only place to load a tune is at a home or Festival site? Why? Why would it be so terrible if we could do what I suggest? It’s a win win - PlayGround/MS get smaller save files and players have a better game play experience.

I need to change tunes on the car selection screen, but cant before a race. This is a needed feature. Thank you.