Be a passenger in other player cars

Hasn’t anyone thought of using the car doors and the passenger seat we all have a character it would be a massive step for Horizon to be able to leave your car and have the option to drive or be a passenger in other players cars

Look at how much it adds in the open map on gta online with the freedom it gives and players being able to come together and be more creative photo mode would be way more fun and because horizon is not a crime game like gta car meets and general interaction would be safe from explosions and cars wouldnt run people over would simply go through like open world cars in horizon

Yes! There should be a feature where you can invite someone into your car and drive them around in the passenger seat.


Yes, it’s a really good idea.

That would be a great idea. Also if you could just get out of your vehicle to stand on the side of the road for someone to go blowing past you or to stand on the drag strip and hold a button to hold your arms up and stage and release the button to drop your arms.