Basic Questions

Hey guys,

I have some questions regarding FH3 as i just bought the game and had no clue about it.

  1. Is there a game mode (or how do i unlock it?) where i can choose a car, a racing track and then race against multiple AI? Sometimes i just want to drop in and start racing in custom mode.

  2. Would you recommend turning on MSAA x4 or MSAA x2 ? So far I’ve disabled FXAA, motion blur, dynamic optimization (but dynamic render quality = ultra) and i’ve turned down some other settings like shadow quality and reflections. My specs are: i5-3570K, GTX 970 and 8 GB RAM. No issues so far.

  3. Best car view for winning races? I used the 2nd view right after the default. Its quite further away but i can see the tracks a lot better.



  1. Keep playing and things will unlock. I forget when it happens but you’ll be able to blueprint races to the cars you like to drive, such as: I like to mostly race lower class cars.

  2. No idea, I’m on Xbox not PC, hopefully someone can chime in.

  3. In Forza Motorsport games I prefer hood view but in the Horizon games, due to all the elevation changes I’ll go between first and second views behind the car so I can see farther. Depends on if I’m driving a car or some silly tall SUV.

Have fun!!!

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