barriers remove them I wanna climb the hill!!!

I was really happy with the demo until I tried to go offroad and found a concrete barrier at the bottom of the hill it ruined the first horizon and they said this time they would be gone why aren’t they? And the weather looks great but there is hardly any loss of grip compare it with rain in gran turismo at least in that it feels like its wet I think it could use some tweeking

A good majority of them are gone. Remember, it’s a demo. Space is limited. Plus, while you have far more freedom now, it’s understandable they’d not give total freedom of where to go. Just be thankful it isn’t guardrail central like Horizon 1.


Barriers, please bring them back, particularly in circuit racing.


A better solution is to just keep the checkpoints on the track, which could be done better than it has been done in the demo.

Barriers ruined online in the first game due to no one slowing down for corners and using the barriers instead. Would hate to go back to that as for me it made online unplayable.


I probably mean more on the inside of the track. Shortcuts are fine and all in the cross country events but not circuit.

Either leave circuit races out or do them right.


I have noticed there are some barriers that really do seem to exist for no reason, cutting clean through the middle of fields - so just as you think you’re happily driving along in an off-road area you suddenly get brought to a halt completely out of the blue.

A minor issue but it’s definitely jarring when it happens.

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I realize its a demo and if thats the reason its blocked fair enough but something tells me thats the way its gonna be and its a shame tdu was a great game had some top ideas but the physics were horrible towards the end anyone who played tdu when it first came out knows what im talking about but in horizon they could do both if forza horizon 1 was on the tdu map that would be an awsome game and I only mean that in scale the map on horizon looks great just to small

IMO I think it is because of the lack of barriers that you run into issues like this where the racing turns into a competition about who can cut the most corners. Putting more checkpoints will help diffuse it a bit but there are always going to be people using off road areas to win. I think in a game like this… it’s probably fine. It could be seen as part of the mechanics of the game as an outlaw / seat-of-the-pants racing style. However for those who want to be competitive and say I’m “X” fast on “X” road circuit, I think those people will be hard-pressed to find a track that has not had someone using off road to get a fast time.

To me it is just a shortcoming of making a game open world. If devs give people free reign to go wherever then expect that those people will, even when you want to bind them to a specific location / road.

I still think we will have good road driving experiences here. The intro driving the lambo even had roads blocked off with big concrete barriers limiting where you could go. I wouldn’t count those out yet.

A demo is only supposed to be a taster, they obviously want you to buy the game, no point showing alot of it lol.

If its only for the demo cool but I don’t think it is as there everywhere even in the centre

Someone mentioned “Car Plinko” in a previous thread about this.