Barrel rolls!!

If you come North of the Maroondah rd speed trap.( bottom left on map) If you start North of it and traffic doesn’t mess you up, if you hit the right lane right before the camera there is a rock that will barrel roll you. Seems hard to land tho to keep the points. The barrel roll tho so easy to do, I kept hitting it even when I didn’t want to!


Thanks for that, should prove useful for today’s Forzathon.

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From the Forzathon thread.


did you get the achievment and the car? what car is that your using?

There are ramps by the airport…three sets…that are literally perfect for this event. I got the 15 in about 20 minutes. The flipping is easy, it’s the landing it clean to get the points that makes it difficult.


My game freezed after doing 6 barrelrolls… Will these barell rolls be counted ?? Or do I have to start again??
Where can I see the no. Of barell rolls I perfected??

Go to your achievements. Look for #Forzathon Sushi Roll. It should show how many barrel rolls you did based on percentage completion.

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Hit Xbox button (get to guide) scroll up to achievements
Then pick sushi roll and hit x (making it a favorite and top on list now
Now turn on achievement tracker - configure to where you want on screen and what transparency you would like.

And now you can see progress being made on sushi roll.
Do the same thing for any forzathon achievement that has #skills or # races etc to monitor progress. Help fuel for the wasabi forzathon as well. But for the forzathon that is one and done. No need for this.

So if your in a car that doesn’t work you see that it isn’t working.
If the car does work you see it is working. Takes the wonder/ question out of the equation

I take it it dont matter what model of a nissan you use just so its a nissan make? Like how about a NISSAN GTR 2017.

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Rolls from the Sylvia didn’t register, maybe because it’s not a regular showroom car. Switched to the '02 GTR and they started registering. Easiest place to do barrel rolls is Timber Mill on the wood piles. From the north, hit the left most pile on the left with the car slightly angled to the left. Just clip the very bottom of the ramp with the right tires at about 55MPH. Hit 15 in a row with the GTR after going 3 for 6 in the Sylvia (before I realized they weren’t registering).

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See the Week in Review and the Forzathon thread for the list of Nissans that won’t work for this weekend’s Sushi Roll challenge.

Well this really says it all. The usual trial and error Forzathon. What works and what does NOT? “Perform 15 Barrel Roll Skills in a Nissan” …but it turns out yet again that a Nissan is not a Nissan.
I do appreciate MM trying to help out but when will the devs wake up and treat us more seriously and not waste our time like this? (never? hope not!) This kind of poor/lazy approach to task solving will push people away. Why not try to put some proper effort into it so we, the customers, will be pleased because THiS time everything WORKED? It will have a positive effect I promise … Next time?? :smiley:

#Forzathon Sushi Roll
Perform 15 Barrel Roll Skills in a Nissan to win the Nissan Silvia HE

hmm …
maybe this is what they meant?

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This was by far the trickiest forzathon challenge so far for me as I have probably only done a couple of accidental barrel rolls in hundreds of hours of gameplay. I found the Timber Mill a great place to do them as someone else mentioned. On the little piles of logs. Used the GTR HE and took about half an hour to hit 15. Just clip the edge of the jumps with the left or right hand side tyres of your car at about 60-70 and it should spin nicely.

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You Do Not need to bank it. Just get notification to come up. I only banked 2 of my 15 tries in my free Nissan 300z and just got achievement.
First completed Forzathon. Wish i completed the Warthog one though.

I used the Timber yard …I did my barrel rolls off the log ramps…it took a while to bank them…I tried other sites…mostly warning sign areas with big jump ramps and I started off with the 71 Skyline , switched to the 370Z, used the GT-R, and eventually accomplished my goal with the 66 Silvia…It took like 2 hours to fully master the art of barrel rolling and I didn’t bank most of my attempts but I am proud of myself…just like last Forzathon…I didn’t think I would get the 72 Mercedes…but I did and now I got the S 15 HE…I was going to sell it but I decided to keep it as is…and not modify it…I can’t wait for that Pacer barn find achievement weekend…I got plans for that badboy!

So I was trying the barrel rolls and I got it when I did the rewind when I did my barrel roll in single player. You don’t have to land it either just do the barrel roll and rewind after you land/crash and it’s worth double. The game just wants to see your car roll that’s it.

Up until last week I had no idea how to execute a Barrel Roll - now I’m expert! LOL!

Tkpracer; in multiple count events, you can check the achievement section (locked) to see your progression. Just pan down to the event in question, and it will give you a percentage % completed.