Barn find still not ready

Anyone have any ideas on why my new barn find sunbeam is still not finished,I found it about an hour after it came out on Tuesday,when I go to check it,it says current status:part stripping an cataloging,thanks

Warren is just taking his sweet time.

I think he went on vacation

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I just paid for the restoration right after I found it. :wink:

Yeah, after a day and several hours of play I wasn’t hearing back from Warren so I went in and I just paid the fee (65K) which seems stupid that it just wasn’t ready but no big deal really.

That’s what I did tonight. Sweet at the top of Class C with AWD. Nice convertible view from inside the car.

Will this barn find ever be ready if I don’t spend real money on the car pack? I assumed that’s the reason it’s stuck seemingly forever in restoration. Is it supposed to be the free car in the pack?

I bought the car pack an mine still not done,so it probably doesn’t matter.

It got done super quick for me, besides, you can probably buy it in the auction house for cheap anyway


Mine was restored quick too. One of, if not the fastest restoration yet!

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I just looked in the AH at them an their selling super cheap 6-7 K

Mine didn’t take long at all, but I did join a couple online freeroam sessions shortly after first finding it, so that may have helped to speed up the time.

Are you 100% complete with the campaign? Sometimes you need to progress until a certain point before it is restored. I had to wait 4 weeks for that pinfarina.

Yes, I am. 100.0% complete.

Progression has nothing to do with restore time. That car and the Ferrari take forever to restore regardless.

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I had the same problem with the Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R. And even worse, the latest barn find (sunbeam) won’t even show up for me.

I would like to ask the OP how much time he has spend with the game so far, what level he is, how much XP and money he has?

It is just a theory, but it seems to me that people who are level 1000+ or just have played for a huge amount of time, are more likely to run into these problems.

Sorry to go against your theory, but I’m also level 1000+ and I got both additional barn finds, and they were restored fairly quickly. That being said, this issue still needs to be fixed ASAP because it isn’t fair to those who didn’t get those barn finds restored (or didn’t get them at all) while most players did. T10/PG, please fix this!

No problem. I don’t even really care what is causing those problems, i just want them to be fixed.

My game is also hung up on restoring skyline. I have not seen the new barn find pop up at all. I have well over 200hrs in game and I’m 97% complete. Another thing I have noticed is I have not gotten a prompt to hire a new drivatar for my line up in a long time. There is definitely a hang up is some sub system.

I had one car which took forever to restore, in fact I found two more Barn Finds and they were restored first. I wasn’t going to pay 330,000 credits just to get the vehicle, which I’m not using anyway. Just have patience, it will be done when it is done.