Banned : No reason given

So I got a message in game today saying I’ve been banned for 165 hours. The Xbox live support page says the in game message should give details as to why which it doesn’t. emailing Forza directly results in an auto message reply saying they don’t check the emails due to high traffic. So how exactly does one find out the reason behind these Bans? I was within all codes of conduct. I haven’t been online on Forza since the 12th and don’t even have a mic, Haven’t modded or used a save, don’t even swear at the screen so what’s going on?
Without knowing what I have done wrong how can I prevent future bans just by guessing?

any advice is appreciated.

Bans or enforcement of Xbox LIVE’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are not discussed on the forums.

Sending a email is the only way. They will read it even if you get a auto reply. It still does not mean they will respond.