Banned from Forza-7 , with 3 différents accounts , for 20 years long each

Hello Peoples ,

then watch carefully the 3 reasons of my 20 years ban , and let’s say what you think :

2 others late in the topic’s post

the problem is not really the reasons which was promoted under me , that i think …

but it costs me like 225 Euros , and that’s expensive for just a little touch ( not very harm ) , in the game :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ok there is C class Shovings , but after those bad behavior , i have understood , my bad errors was too little ,

let me explain , the ban me 2o years on the second account , which cost me 75 Euros , for , listen well , the non act of report , Hahah ,

now listen , the 3rd account , listen just , just because i cannot avoid the 1rst and 2nd ban , 2o years for this ,

i’m all clean , did you see that , mates ?

Are you saying you are buying accounts to play FM7?

Enforcement cases are not open for discussion on the forums. If you submit a ticket to Forza Support regarding your case, use the email you receive to discuss it with the Support team.