banned from design editor/community content for unknows reason, Forza Horizon 2

I can no longer view community content (load design) in Forza Horizon 2. It says the gamertag (XmortifiedX) has been banned but does not list a reason. I have not posted any inappropriate material or (c) material. However, I have just upgraded to the Xbox One Elite console (I previously had a normal Xbox One Console). The error started happening after I upgraded and installed on the new Xbox One Elite console (using the identical disc that I installed on the original Xbox One console). I am wondering if this triggered something in security inadvertently.

I went through Xbox Live online chat support and they referred me to this forum. They also gave me a support number: 1337507266

Can anyone help me with this? I would like to be unbanned so I can create/view community content. Again, I am unaware of any violation, so if there is something specific to point to, I would like to know what that is so I can figure out what happened.

Thanks in advance.


The error started happening when you were caught posting pedophilia in the form of a “FREE CANDY” livery with those words on both sides. That’s a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct:

What is considered content in Xbox Live?
Content is anything you create, share, use, or promote that another person could see or hear or otherwise experience, like Gamertags, profile information, in-game content, and videos.

What are examples of content that is prohibited in Xbox Live?

(Note: the examples below are just a few examples of Content prohibited by the Microsoft Code of Conduct. Just because something isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it’s OK.)

Content involving illegality. For example:
Gambling, piracy, child pornography, obscenity, or criminal activity
Underage drinking, illegal drug use, or socially irresponsible behavior connected with drug use (e.g., drinking and driving)
Terrorism (e.g., bomb or other weapon making instructions)
Information that could help identity thieves (e.g., government-issued identification number)
Content that could harm or harass a person, including yourself, or an animal. For example:
Profane words or phrases
Suicide-related content
(Note: the examples below are just a few examples of the type of behavior prohibited by the Microsoft Code of Conduct. Just because something isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it’s OK.)
Negative speech (including hate speech or threats of harm) directed at people who belong to a group, including groups based on race, ethnicity, nationality, language, gender, age, disability, veteran status, religion, or sexual orientation/expression
“Noise”, which is excessive speech intended to interfere with or disrupt another person’s or group’s ability to enjoy a game or app on Xbox Live
Content showing or promoting animal abuse
Content that is controversial. For example:
Sexual, provocative, pornographic, or adult content
Violent content
Controversial religious content
Anything involving notorious people or organizations
Anything involving sensitive events, current or historical
Content that is unauthorized. For example:
Images and other content you don’t have permission to use
Illegitimately obtained videos
Content that promotes, or sounds or looks like words, phrases, puns, images or imagery that refer to any prohibited content"

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations by the developers are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to, however your ban will probably expire before you receive an answer.