Banned form Matchmaking on Forza Horizon‏

Thread created by Xx LyNcHy96 xX
Hello Turn10, I have had trouble connecting to online matchmaking to Forza Horizon. I got banned off the servers about 2 years ago for having a tour bus which someone gave to me at the time i didn’t know it was a modded vehicle. I couldn’t see a picture of the vehicle until i received it, i didn’t know i was doing anything wrong?

But i would really like to play the game again considering i have spent alot of my money on DLC’S for Forza Horizon. I have spoke to Xbox support on the phone and i got told to post on the forums.
My Gamertag: Xx LyNcHy96 xX
Email: [Mod Edit - D]

Thank you Sean

Permanent bans are permanent. You may write an email to the developers at, if you wish.

Anyone using or attempting to sell a Traffic Car in Horizon is/will be banned for about 20 years.

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