Banned for what exactly?

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My next design was going to be a Joker car with blood splatters and bloody handprints on it - something like this one i did for FM4. Would that also get me banned?

And if it wasn’t that, the only other thing i can think of would be my Batman symbols, which are very definitely my own reproductions of the classic Bat symbol - very much not stolen from anybody else.

I’m sincerely just looking for information to help me know the boundaries, if indeed i’ve crossed them. I’m absolutely not trying to argue any point, so please don’t hurt me for asking!

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There’s your winner. Microsoft/Turn 10 finds this particular sentiment disturbing and we need not have it explained to us why.

Bans, as we all know, are not discussed on the forums. Should you have any questions, please contact Turn 10 directly at

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