Banned for User Content - Child Endangerment - but didn't download anything that wasn't in game

Actually this is my son - he spent his own money for the Premium Edition and spent the last week playing with no issue. Then today he logs on to play with his friends and it says he is banned. We looked it up and it says it’s because of User Generated Content and that it is a Content Incident - Child Endangerment. However, I monitor his activity and can see what he’s downloading. Everything has come directly from the in game tunes. The only liveries he has are gradients and he has one tree graphic. What could possibly be child endangerment?

I realize ban speculation isn’t allowed here - that’s fine. But how do you get more info on this. I mainly want to know so that we can avoid downloading whatever content we downloaded in the future. We’ll deal with this, but I don’t want him ending up with a lifetime ban when we don’t even know [mod edit - WSD - profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS] we did.

We submitted a ticket, but it comes back immediately resolved and says look at the TOS. Well, there’s nothing in the TOS that says downloading a gradient causes a ban…

Any help on how to figure this out is greatly appreciated.

Same thing has happened to me this morning. Doesn’t make any sense because I haven’t downloaded anybodies liveries, I make them. But even then it’s nothing obscene just cars with sponsors

I cant say for sure and bans are not discussed on the forums, however the ‘child endangerment’ usually refers to the ‘free candy’ vans