Banned for no reason

Since none of the moderators i have messaged responded my posts, ill make a forum post to grab their attention to see if their paying attention since my account is under modernization. This will check if their completely ignoring me and approving nothing of what i do (like replying).

Before my ban for no reason i posted a update idea for these forums that you could vote on cars to be added. You can check it out here. It was a respectful post.

Their were a few fixable flaws with my idea. I tried to make a separate topic post (because it was locked for no reason) to reply to all of these replies. This wasn’t a rude reply, i answered their questions, admitted the flaws and a few other things. I also further proved why a voting car system is best. Luckily i save every post i make to my computer, and you can view it here on pastebin (safe site). You know i really exposed someone to get it deleted with a 10 day ban lol. Not the first time i exposed someone on this site.

Coming back a little while later, my account is banned from (going off of memory here) 7/27/17 to 8/7/17. I also had my account put under modernization. Then i send a email to one of the Mods that replied to my original post and they said they had nothing to do with it. I then asked them if their is anyway to report a abusive moderator since they still have not responded to my message after 2 - 3 days (as of 8/10/17 at 8pm / 20:00).

When i came back i went replied on a couple side threads and didn’t make any replies that were rude or mean that would cause them to be denied under modernization. They still were never approved. So at this point i’m think that i’m being ignored. Can someone please help and give me a chance to reply to your replies instead of locking the thread with the excuse of “spamming” or some other odd reason.

I expect to be banned for no reason again after making this post. When you ignore me its my last resort. Before you lock this thread telling me to go email someone that never responds can we at least have something called a conversation / fair trial?

Thanks, too lazy to check for any spelling mistakes. I think faster then i can type. So if you see a word missing, just

Before we begin, let’s make the most important response completely clear from the outset.

This is a battle you cannot win.

You are currently subject to moderation (and will likely remain so for quite some time given your history) which means that any and every post of yours must first pass scrutiny by one of us moderators before ever seeing the light of day. You’re fighting a battle that would be unwinnable from even the best possible position and yet attempting to do so from the worst possible position.

This is a battle you cannot win.
Full stop.

That leaves you two options:

  1. Abandon the field with whatever dignity you can muster and hope it all fades from memory as quickly as possible.
  2. Lose and look very bad doing so.

That said, we’re now going to take a look at two documents with which it would appear you are entirely unfamiliar.

The first is the Forza Motorsport Forums Terms of Use

In which you will find the following:

The second document is Code of Conduct for Community Forums

In which you will find the following:

There are of course additional terms in those two documents but this truncated list will do to start with in your own particular case.


Now, on to your recent post.

You’ve certainly not messaged myself and that is surely for the best as I would not be found sympathetic to your perceived plight. That said, please see quoted sections of site policy in the post above.

No one is ever banned for no reason and as it is our policy to not discuss bans on the forums I will save you the embarrassment of having the reasons for your recent ban posted for all to see. Please see quoted sections of site policy in the post above.

Please see quoted sections of site policy in the post above.

Please see quoted sections of site policy in the post above.

Please see quoted sections of site policy in the post above.

Please see quoted sections of site policy in the post above.

Your contemptuous disrespect for your readers and its entirely selfish justification is duly noted.

Evidence does not appear to support this conclusion.



To remove the temptation to respond, I will be locking this thread and moving it to Off-Topic.

Have a nice day.


Thank you for your final response via PM. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost and that being your membership here.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

Have a nice day.

Somewhere else.