Banned for having to many credits even though my credits are from selling cars in the auction house

I ammased over 900million credits through selling cars on the auction house and now today I find out I’ve been banned for 20 years for no reason other than having too many credits which i obtained normally. I could understand if there was no trail as to how I got my credits but literally I spent hours in the auction house collecting cars and countless other hours playing this game and every other game they have released in the past 15 years. This is incredibly disheartening. On top of that there is no support to even appeal this ban because the literal support page link doesn’t work, how am I supposed to appeal this. I want something done about this because it is totally unfair.

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Yawn. No doubt this will be locked once a moderator sees it.

Suggest you start the game again and don’t do what you did before.

Just open a support ticket and explain you bought/sold 45-50 LaFerraris @ 20M a pop…


Bans and their implementation are not discussed on the forums.