BAN them rammers already

This is really sad… Every single race there is a cheater who is speeding away in A class like he has S2 class car and the rest are just a bunch of rammers… its annoying how people ruin games…

Why is there no punishemnt for rammers? If i remember correctly there was in previous Forza games sime kind of punishment for them… and if they rammed you off the checkpoint you were free to go because they rammed you on purpose… Its so sad that devs let people like this play a racing game… Racing is not Derby and them people cannot see the difference…


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From my experience, actual cheaters are extremely rare in ranked online. Are you sure the people speeding away in A class cars aren’t just using much faster cars than the rest of the field, like the Roadster or Nova FE ? If I find myself in a weak lobby I will vanish into the distance like you describe, but I’m not cheating.


Like FN said, those you think are cheaters are probably experienced players regardless the displayed level. Some cars, even in A class are super fast. With only few days of play, I guess you are still playing automatic as I was at the beginning, switch to manual or manual with clutch can/will help a lot.

Concerning rammers, sadly, except deep in the enforcement rules of FH4, there is nothing that indicates it is not a good way to play, same way there is nothing done to encourage players to play clean. What I would recommend would be to add as friends players you consider clean so that you get more and more mates to play with.

When you are victim of an obvious ramming like people coming from the other side of the road to push you for a ‘long’ time or push you out of checkpoint, you can report them at

Note that for using this form, you should use record feature, then trim the video like 5 sec before , 5 sec after and upload it to your onedrive then submit in form. Process can be a bit different if you play on PC but it’s important to submit a record associated to your request. From Policy, Game team will not act without evidence of rules violation. As far as I know you can also put the video on youtube and put the link in your request.

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