Ban players who camp at flag rush

Permanently ban them from playground games. Don’t care if they complain about it.

On the other hand, you could learn how to counter it.


It is a viable tactic for that crappy game Mode.


All Capture the Flag games need defenders as well as attackers.

Banning isn’t the answer as camping is a perfectly viable tactic for flag events, and is an extreme overreaction since it’s not against the game rules at all.

A better solution if the devs want to prevent camping is to put anti-camp zones around flags where if you stay in the zone for more than 10s or so it teleports you out (and drops the flag if one is held). The timer would clearly communicate the rules to players, and the penalty isn’t drastically out of proportion to the actual offense.

A lot of players throw around talk of banning players for doing (admittedly annoying) things like camping, wallriding and ramming. Banning is an extreme measure for serious offenses that have been clearly stated as being against the rules (hacking/modding/using bots, repeated verbal abuse/threats, etc), not playing the game in a way that may be unsportsmanlike, but is still completely within the rules.

If you want to limit this annoying behavior, then the rules need to be adjusted to discourage or forbid it. Banning players for doing something that is within the rules, even if it is annoying, sets a terrible precedent and we don’t want to go there. Do you want to keep following this path until you start banning other players for winning or not playing up to your team’s standards because it’s annoying that you lost and it reduces your enjoyment of the game? How would you like to be on the receiving end of such a ban?


Ban goalies for camping at the goal posts.


Ban everyone for not playing the exact same way I play!

Ban the whale!

Save the nukes!


Salt is a way of life.


Ban everyone who calls for bans.


It’s not difficult to drive around them, avoid them or even block them for another teammate to score.

There is usually a way to score from above also.

And there’s those awful people who do jumps that most people can’t do, they should get banned as well!


You really put yourself out there on that Sprint race! I don’t know how you do those endurance races like that! Guts😉

This isn’t played perfectly. I had the situation 2 days ago. There was only one person on top of the roof, the five others were infected but they blocked the ramp … It’s not a big deal to include a jump, but this is a weakness in level design.

I don’t have a problem with defenders in capture the flag, you can easily counter it. It’s a valid tactic, but it’s not an autosuccess.

With only one infected opponent, the other 5 players executing it to perfection is kinda moot.

Yeah I hardly ever play playground games, but when someone camps our flag I make it my duty to ram him/her out the way. Remember that person camping is one less person defending their goal. It evens itself out usually, but an adjustment to the rules would be great. Love the suggestion above about zones.

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Yup, a ram and turn and free points

And the flaw in the jumo block is… Five infected for most of the event. An active team can keep more peeps going for a better win, if good and getting heals