Ban for "pitting"

What is Forza thingking these days.

I’m a player on a wheel, spending time in Forza to have a good race.
Do not need to be first in a race to enjoy myself.

I’m playing the series since the first edition, no bad words only joy.
Now i get a ban for “pitting”.

I have spun a car around probably, but for how i get the game and play it not with the intention to hurt anyone.
Have they ever seen what i have to endure on my forcefeedback wheel.

I need te drive nice and clean, if not i wil get it back on the wheel.
If you see how people ram that are on controllers, you get afraid for damaging your internals of the wheel,
reason enough to go easy in the field.

What is going on?

Any footage please

I’ve been banned for 20 years with no explanation no evidence, so I feel your pain