Badge not working

I’ve recently hit 25 Affinity in Nissan and I was able to get my badge. I later recently got 25 Affinity in Subaru but my badge still seems to be locked? Why can;t I get it? Fix this bug please.

GT: IAMxTerrible


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Please don’t bump.

Have you tried quitting the game and doing a power cycle on your console?

I might also just give it some time until the 15th when the actual release date rolls around.

Yeah i’ve done that. But I don’t understand why I would get the Nissan badge but not the Subaru one.

Who knows - have you completed the last affinity medal?

Just because it shows level 25 doesn’t mean you completed the level. You need the bar to go all the way to the end as well.

Yeah the bar is there. Idk why i’m not getting the badge. It just bugs me and makes me feel like they wont fix it and it will be locked forever for me. Which sucks being that I own a STi as my real car.

Give it a little bit of time and it ought to unlock.

I’m working towards subaru affinity now as well. I’ll let you know if it unlocks when I hit it.

Alright yeah please let me know. I’m working on a 3rd affinity to 25, see if I get this one or not.

Seems to be a prevalent issue, not tied to manufacturers. Another guy in another thread has hit 25 with 2. Only got the mod with the first one and only got the badge with the second. Personally, I’m afraid to hit 25 with anything yet. This is a serious issue that’s going to be difficult to retroactively apply a fix to.

Yeah. I got the mod for both but I only got the badge for 1.

Guess it won’t be hard to retroactively fix then, will it.

You think it will be pretty easy for me to get my badge whenever it gets fixed?

Well, it sounds as if they have a way to track it, right? You have the Mod Item that is only obtainable by getting to maximum affinity. People can’t take advantage and say they had max affinity because all Turn10 has to do is check your game save (which they can) and see which Manufacturer Max Affinity Mod Items you have. For each one they make sure you get the badge as well.

Easy fix.

Alright sounds good. Hope they can fix it. Thanks for your input.

I have the same problem with BMW badge.
I have finish Audi, BMW and Peugeot. I have the mod for Audi, BMW and Peugeot. But I have the badge only for Audi and Peugeot.

So you have 3 mods and 2 badges… In what order did you get the max affinity levels? Is it the most recent one you unlocked that’s not showing the badge? Perhaps certain ones are glitched. Should get fixed though. Give em some time.

I hit 25 with BMW did not get the badge but the mod.

Hit only 17 with Audi but got the badge…

Seems the game still needs some fixes here and there ^^

Glad this is a issue not only involving me.

For me the badge for having VIP and the badge for forza rewards tiers are not unlocked. Hope they get all this fixed soon.

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Have the same problem with Dodge. Got the mod, but not the badge.