Badge, Aim and Garage problems

Hi all,

I’ve a digital version of Forza Motorsport 6 - Ultimate edition and I’ve the following problems:

  • When I bought the digital version, during the download, I bought all packages, including the Vip package. I play with the game a lot of days, but the badge of Vip is still locked. I write 2 times on mail of Turn10 but I never receive an answer.
  • In Xbox aims, I’ve “World traveler” at 96%. I race in every track in multiplayer, included Nascar and Porches updates, but that aim don’t complete. It is possible that there’s a bug or a problem?
  • Today I bought the “Turn 10 Summer Car Pack”, but in the game I can’t bought any car because it say that my garage is full. I check all my car and I don’t have any duplicated car. It is possible an upgrade of the garage?

My English is not perfect, I hope to have written properly.
If these arguments have already been treated, can you put the reference link?

Thank you very much!

For the world traveller achievement try racing at laguna seca again
There was a glitch at release but was fixed within a few weeks
It is not glitched anymore

Are you talking about the VIP badge (avatar) to select, or about the VIP crown next to your gamertag ingame.

Do you receive the VIP bonuses ?

This →

You can only have 600 cars at the same time in you garage. This needs to be done, because otherwise there are problems with the size of the savegame.

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Thanks talby71 and Noobertson for the answers.

@ Noobertson: Vip badge I mean the avatar, the section in the game were you can choose your badge and where some badge are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum for each level.
When I finish every race, I receive the bonus of Vip player, and some month I receive some bonus car as gift. But the Vip badge is locked.

I attach 2 file, sorry for language, I’m from Italy: