B600 00' Silvia testing

Hey guys, I just put together a 00’ Silvia build, and to me it seems a pretty solid tune. I took it into the hoppers hoping to at the very least walk away from a few races without being too embarrassed, but to my surprise, it did really well. In 10 races, 2 different lobbies, I placed first in five of them and at least top 3 out of between 15 to 18 cars for the rest. What I would like is for a more experienced driver than myself to take the car and see if it is as good as I think it is and offer feedback. The tracks that I struggled with the most were at Rio coast loop, Sebring short, (came in second to a corner cutting Shelby Cobra) and COTA. I don’t think it is a LB car nor did I intend it to be, but it has the potential to do really well with a better driver so let me know. Thanks and the tune is shared as B600 grip, tunebyRAZOR in description.

I took your Silvia for a quick run at Rio Mountain and I think it should do very well. I managed a 43.9, yet, has a lot more in it. I think it could probably beat my VW with some minor changes. For my driving style it was understeering mid way thru turn yet getting a little oversteer at exit with the rear somewhat loose. I would require to change the Diff Accel some in order to adequately put the power down. I will test your build with a base tune to see. Now, keep in mind that I am more of your average driver, thus, my inputs are more biased to how maybe I’d tune it to make it feel how I’d like to drive it.


I’ll try and post my tune tomorrow so you can see where I was going with the setup. I always start tuning on Brands Hatch, then take them to Sonoma and finally Nurburgring to fine tune the ride over a more uneven surface. I’m sure there’s more time left out on the track, this exercise should help me find it, thanks for taking it out for a spin.

I tried your tune this time at Rio Coast and found myself with understeer in the first turn and in need of some add’l grip at this track. So, I ran a slightly different build with a first-pass tune at Rio Coast and was able to get a 51.078, #3 Silvia (LB 370, DIV 50) and I know it can be the #1 Silvia only away 0:00.064 from that spot. I was actually ahead of the #1 Silvia yet messed up one of my turns. Will be trying it again after making some minor tweaks to initial tune.

This car should do well in B-class.

It looks like you might want it for more of a “general” build/tune versus tracks(s) specific. So, could have to compromise in certain areas for such.

Good morning sir, I thought I would share the actual tune on my Silvia to see where we can find any problems and fine tune it a bit more. You are correct about this one being more of an all around type build, most of the tunes I have shared are what you would call more of a blue collar approach that may seem more accessible to the average player. I leave the LB tunes to those that are far better than I at milking every single ounce of potential from a car on any given specific track. Thank you for all of the help in the past and let’s see what we can do with this one.

TIRES: 29.5 F / 28.5 R
CAMBER: -2.4 F / -2.0 R
TOE: 0.0 F / -.2 R
ARB’S: 19.54 F / 20.56 R
SPRINGS: 499.2 F / 513.0 R
RIDE HEIGHT: 5.8 F / 5.8 R
REBOUND: 8.0 F / 8.1 R
BUMP: 4.2 F / 4.4 R
AERO: 80lb F / 110lb R

Here’s the build if you haven’t deconstructed it yet:

2.6 tt engine swap
street intake
sport valves

race brakes
race springs and dampeners
race ARB’s front and rear
race weight reduction

sport driveline
race diff

sport tire compound
235/35R18 f
275/30R18 r
WedSport TC105N wheels

Forza aero front and rear
Ings+1 rear bumper
Trial side skirts
C-west street hood

We can certainly fine-tune your current build “as-is” and/or with minor build changes as well if such is warranted based on the type of “general” tune you’d like. Are you after a more speedy or grippy tune? Are there a set of tracks you’d like it to do well? Anyway, just trying to figure out your initial build intent and see if we just leave the build 100% as-is, or not.


Thanks again for your help! I’ve always been of the opinion that speed impresses, but grip wins races. I guess you could say I’m constantly in search of speedy grip or grippy speed, the problem I’ve had as a diver is that a lot of the speed builds I’ve come across leave a bit to be desired in traffic and some are downright scary as hell. I work 60+ hours a week, so when I get into Forza, the last thing I want is another “job” fighting my car along side 23 crash test dummies fighting their cars. As far as the tracks, of course in the hoppers you’re pretty much getting what ever the game throws at you. I have a couple of tunes I use on short corner-centric tracks, a couple for the momentum tracks like Alps and such, so with this car I was hoping for something more in between: enough speed for longer straights but with good corner stability for a late braking / early power on exit style of driving. With my driving style, I thought the thing did really well at Nurburgring full and Nordschleife, try it there and see what you think, may be not as fast as some, but easy to put down flawless laps.

OK, thanks! I’ll try it at The Ring and take it from there.


1st of all i have to say, thanks for not using the 5.7 V8 in a JDM car that my friend will be a SIN…lol…I’ll build this up and along with PRKid will help you out.

Initial reaction to your tune: for me it has good speed at corner entry but will loose it all at mid to exit corner due to oversteer even tho your tune is understeer bias, just not able to put the power down at exit. I’ll leave your build alone as i like it for grip tracks also the 1lbs difference between front and rear tires (psi) its just killing me. Im also going to make some changes to it and see how it feels. Thanks for posting.

Something to keep in mind is that I run with TCS on (I know, I know!), so the power-on oversteer is most likely due to my suckitude as a driver and how I tune for that. I don’t know if I’m just too old to learn new tricks or just too stubborn, maybe a little of both. I think the twin turbos exacerbate this issue when coming out of the corners, so any help making it more useful for a broader audience is certainly very welcome!

Thanks for this tidbit of data, it explains the items I’ve also experienced with the car’s build/tune “as-is”. So, I’ll provide you with a non-TCS version and see what you can do with it, be it with and/or without TCS.


Had a 2 lap run at Nurb Full and ran your tune “as-is” for a 10:02.008, I had a “minor” mishap in one turn which cost me the lap to be DIRTY. I must confess the si my least favorite track! I always need a lot of practice on this track in which I do not fare well. I did notice a couple of things I’d like to change, so, will do that and take it out for another spin tomorrow. I am sure that time could be greatly reduced.

I saw the top Silvia (running with 447 HP) @ 9:26.100, and would obviously need more power to be more competitive depending on where you’d like to draw the line to keep it at the target that you want this car/build/tune to be at.


Updated tune, yet, another DIRTY lap…@ 9:54.817 and left via timed segments around an add’l 2 sec. This car should be in Top 5 '00 Silvia’s with a better driver @ Nurb Full. Will re-run at a later time.


I did play with the numbers a little, managed to kill alot of tire spin at corner exit but still has a hint of oversteer, i hve notice that you need some throttle control as well, i tune for no TC and PRKid does as well, i dont know how good it’ll translate to TC. I’ll post it in a couple when i get out of work.

Based on description of the car’s purpose, it seems like indy and walkins glenn would be where it would shine. I would like to say I’ll try it out, but I get bored too fast in Forza lately. Lol.

Thanks for the inputs Swerve, I’ll try it there!


So I took the car with the build/tune as posted on OP to WGF and it did OK, yet, it did much better at Indy GP. I was able (with my limited driving skills) to get it to 1:34.881, #8 Silvia. All the other Silvia’s have a lot more power (ex. #1 has 447 HP versus this build at 301), though I understand the intent of this build was not for power and/or high LBs. It still performed very well compared to the rest of the pack in the Division, and, I am sure it would move a lot higher with a better driver.

I then proceeded to leave the same power, yet, remove the Front Aero and got a new PB at 1:34.845 with several dirty laps in the 34.53x range, so, will race it another day. If you are interested in the new build with no front aero, just let me know and I will post it.


I added only 13 HP (now at 314 versus initial 301) and was able to take over the #1 spot of Silvia’s at Indy GP with a 1:32.728. The previous #1 had 447 HP and I had to get a lead in order to not let him catch me at the straight towards the finish line. Thus, since we had a power issue in a couple of tracks, I’d suggest you look into this since it is not a lot of power beyond your initial build intent. Good luck!


Great work with my car man! It sounds like you were able to gain quite a lot from what I hope was a decent starting point. PM me the new build and tune and I’ll put it together and see what I can do with it in traffic. If all goes well I’ll share the tune and call it Kid-Rocked! Thanks again for all the help.