B class needs to be renamed S2000 Cup

Made an 05 Lotus Elise, didn’t tune it too much and pulled a top 10 finish on one of the shorter Yaz tracks. Definitely a good contender for more technical tracks.

Last nite a guy in a Lotus Elise '99 was doing work in B-Class Pro. Won a few in a row. It was his own tune and i didnt get a chance to scribble his name down tho.

It’s no different than Forza 5 going into C class and half the cars are '97 Civics. Alot of folks only care about winning so they don’t stray to far from a handful of cars ever. It is what it is.

Over the last couple of days I’ve taken a Buick Regal to the top ten.

(Thanks Raceboy77!)

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I’ve beaten a fair few S2000s and 190E s in my 88 M5 this evening now I’ve sorted my build out. Not bad for a car with no aero and without a driveline conversion. Actually won 2 league races and got a second as well as few normal lobbies.