AWD,RWD etc...

Sorry guys, i really don’t understand the difference between all of those?

although im level 138, i just dont get the difference

Do you mean the fact that all cars drive like awd ones in fh2?

Otherwise rwd tend to kick the rear end out when accelerating around a corner. Where fwd does the opposite, makes the front go out more. And awful generally makes it be somewhere in the middle.

This is very basic example of it though, many factors go into cornering dynamics.

rwd = rear wheel drive

awd = all wheel drive

fwd = front wheel drive

come on , I’m a dumb blonde and i know this !


i know this part hahah, dont knows wht the difference in general

That’s gold haha, nice!

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Reference: Spinny bits.

RWD: spinny bits at da back

Gives better acceleration (sometimes) and better top speed (usually). Hardest to launch straight, trickiest in the corners.

FWD: spinny bits in front

Most stable at speed, good at entering corners. Slow to launch, but unlikely to spin out. Requires good throttle control on corner exit to avoid going wide, be sure to install a sport differential.

AWD: spinny bits everywhere!

Best launch possible, excellent on corner exit. Very stable offroad. Suffers when entering sharper bends, requiring good braking, downshifts and weight transfer. Weak top speed (usually).


you sir are a legend

Haha well said ^-^