AWD heavyweight tuning comp

I really wanted to get the EVO in to the comp but half a lap of bathurst was enough to convince me that it would be bad idea. I’d be losing 20+mph on the straights only, that’s easily 2 seconds too slow. and on it will be easily just as bad in both other tracks.
Lexus isn’t quite as bad, but has similar issue. it’s heavier, and don’t get even close to the evo’s power.
After testing the Audi, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going with it. I’ll try the impreza first thuogh…

The audi and the subby were all I have tried so far, I like the audi, sounds good and mean. Gonna give the Evo a try later this weekend. Liking the audi though. Just gotta learn AWD tuning, lol!

Reserve list it is

Tested S4 and Evo IX so far and the S4 is almost 2 sec faster at The Glen. Going to build up the others and see how the stack up

I have chosen the Audi S4 '04

There is now question from my runs and what I’ve seen the rest of Tuners doing, the Audi does fair better than the rest of the class, yet, I might consider picking the biggest underdog as well!!! Stay tuned!


Going with the Audi.

Regretfully, I am going to have to withdraw from the comp. Please give my spot to one of the reserves. Goodluck everyone.

I hope all is well, sorry to see your withdrawing.

Hope all is well, brother. If there weren’t reserve dudes, I’d be confident of at least a 9th with youre withdrawal. But, there’s 2 reserves and fast guys at that! No matter, still fun!

I have had a very busy weekend, I hope all testing is going well. I had an idea that the Subaru and the Evo may suffer here with the high starting PI and with little testing I haven’t been able to counter this. With some quick testing tonight I may have a spanner to throw in the works tomorrow night, stay tuned.

Thank you for the interest in this, I had another comp in mind but it’s related to a race series I’m involved in at the minute. Depending on how this goes and what other comps emerge after this I might be able to produce a real single car spec build tuning challenge.

I have added GSW knucklehead to the comp list and HLR Mick is reserve as Knucklehead had posted first. Hope this is OK

Well I’m hitting my head in the wall here.

It’s starting to look that either I have to go with car that handles like crap, or car that doesn’t have any go fast in it, but handles pretty decently…
I’m starting to lean on the non handling one. it’s not too horrible overall, but I’m far from happy with it.

This is what I was looking for :smirk:

DAMM I thought this was going to be a pretty clear choice, but after running the Audi and the Suby with baseline tunes and builds it’s clear it won’t be .
Finding the Suby handles great and put up better times on Prague and Watkins but was a slug on Bathurst .

The Audi handled pretty good on Watkins , but was a BRICK on Praque . On Bathurst it was a rocket but a bit of a handful thru the twisties .

Ok off to try the other cars just to muddy my water some more .

my exact feelings

My choice is going to be the Subaru. Like most everyone else I found the Audi to be faster, but the Subaru to me feels “quicker”. I’m not an expert tuner by any means and AWD has always been problematic, but I’m quite happy with my setup and I hope it does well. I could get faster lap times with the Audi on two of the three tracks, but it wasn’t pretty and quite frankly, frightening at times to push the thing leading up to every apex to make up for the extra corner exit grip that my Suby had. On each track, the Teutonic beast was 2 to 4 tenths faster, but out of 15 laps I could only manage 5 or 7 clean ones while the rice burner could make 15 out of 15,(maybe I just suck as a driver!). Anywho, the tune is shared: A580 AWD COMP, description AWD COMP and good luck to everyone.

I’ll be sharing my tune tonight…

i think the audi is the favourite just because of the nature of the tracks. if a shorter one was thrown in to the mix it would be a 4 horse race again.

anyway im going subaru just for the hell of it and its my favourite car from the 4.

I have built & tested all 4 cars at Prague & The Glen and I am going with the Audi


The Glen

I know alot of us are pickin’ the audi. The Subaru and Evo always get the love in plain ol’ racin’ and I really disliked the lexus. Beside that the S4 sounds good and mean. My kinda car!! Anyway, chances are, there will be much quicker Audis in this comp!! Have fun fellas!