AWD goes straight into corners

Hey guys I’m running the 03 focus rs and every corner go into it just goes straight under braking, once Iet off the brakes it starts to turn, I adjusted the brake bias and a few other things to try to correct it but I can’t figure it out.

are you slamming on the brakes?

I downshift hit the brakes somewhat hard then ease off and accelerate through the apex. Or at least try to lol

fwd swap it lol

break before the turn and ease off when you go into it

Do you have ABS? If you are hawking on the brakes without ABS, the wheels lock up and the car tends to straighten out.

I have abs so they shouldn’t lock up and i don’t slam on them really I downshift hit it hard then ease off and accelerate through through the apex like you normally would.

I see. Maybe it’s the differential. If the car is front biased, the car will straighten out like an FF.

FWD? or AWD?

AWD I would go 37/0 80/13 67 for your differential settings. Should help.

I use the ForzaTune 5 app (based on Feuerdog’s formulas), and it always tells me to set up my AWD differentials as 40/10 60/10 50 (front, rear, split).

I can corner like nobody’s business… of course, that also involves brakes at 85% and a slight bias toward the front usually (depends), camber adjust (-1.8 -2.4), toe at 0.0 -0.2 (or thereabouts… minor adjustments, depending) and caster in the high 5’s to high 6’s.

I don’t like oversteer or understeer, so I go for a balanced tune. I also use a controller and not a wheel, so I guess YMMV.

I only use apps and such as a guideline. Some of them are horrible for how I drive. I have had better luck on AWD by taking the 37/0 80/13 65-69 as the five numbers instead of the 40/10 60/10 50 thing. I used to use ForzaTune for this game. However I started coming into this forum more, and learned a ton from PPiDrive and SatNiteEduardo among others. If AWD, try keeping your camber numbers the same. -.2.4 - -2.7 or -2.8. Try increasing your top number by .1 on the top and -.1 on the bottom for toe. The variable any app or other program for getting proper tuning that no one can account for, is the actual driver of the car. Your style more than likely isn’t the same as someone else’s.

Well, as I understand it, Feuerdog is kind of a tuning legend around here…

That said, his stuff works great for me.

I’m curious, though, so am going to try your numbers tonight.

Lemme know how they work for you. I only learned the tuning stuff for this game (and got good at for how I drive to be competitive) from the previously mentioned good forum dudes.

I’ll be honest, the cars I am running right now have those numbers inputted.

One reason the car is going straight is because of the front bias on the brakes… Make sure you have more brake bias for the rear of the car. I know the numbers are backwards on 5 so I would start at a 58% number and raise it from there. 85% brakes are incredibly low I would push that number up to at least 100% but that’s up to you.

Make sure the decal is 15% or lower with at least a 70% split. If you have a cage in it I would look into removing it. A decent damping number to use which will help it go into and out of the corner would be 8.0/10.0 and 20./4.0. It has been along time since I have played forza 5 since ive been on 6 since day one but if I remember correctly those are pretty close to what most of my AWD cars sit at.