AWD Diff Settings Issue

When I set all the torque force to tge back 100% the car not really feels that I have now RWD. In fm4 or fm5 this settings works correctly. But here in fm6 the cars react not really when I chance this settings. When I put the force 75% to the back it doesn’t feels like this when I accelerate. Even with 100% torque force to the rear the car launchs like AWD.
Is this a known issue and is there any chance that this things will be fixed in a patch?

That’s because it is AWD. Setting the torque split to 100% allows up to 100% of the torque to be applied to the rear wheels but that does not mean that there is always 100% of the torque going to he rear wheels. Many cars also limit the amount of torque that is able to be applied in the lower gears.

If you want a RWD car I suggest not putting the AWD swap on it, or swapping a RWD into it if able.