Aventador SVJ

how do people have it. i just bought one from the auction house. you just have to refresh non stop but they will pop up and you can buy one.

But remember before you go looking that you could be caught out:-

Obtaining unreleased cars will result in a 30-day ban at minimum. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent suspension of both the account and device.

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they will NOT ban a player for having bought a car from the auction house!
because the player did not cheat the game to get the cars/wheelspins/cr/fp.

what they will ban for is if a player time travels to get cars/wheelspins/cr/fp ~ glitch the system to get cars/wheelspins/cr/fp ~ use cheats to get cars/wheelspins/cr/fp ~ inject to get cars/wheelspins/cr/fp ~ mod accounts to get cars/wheelspins/cr/fp

they can see how a player got cars/wheelspins/cr/fp

Personally, I’m taking this post with a grain of salt the size of my head. I don’t recall anyone from Playground ever saying that you wouldn’t be banned for buying unreleased cars from the auction house. If the devs… No scratch that. If Phil Spencer himself announces on Twitter that it won’t happen that’s fine but anything short of that I wouldn’t risk it. I wouldn’t bother anyway because I’m not a child and I can wait a week or two to get a variation of a car that’s barely different than two or three others I already have.

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It was available for Summer if you completed all events. It’s not unreleased…

Really? i cant remember it. And playing since the beginning. So they rewarded the same car twice in a row? lol…

That’s a lie. The car is available at 200 points for the SERIES. Not the Summer season. Thus, anyone who has it already, has cheated to get it.


Well in that case I stand corrected. Apologies.

Imagine being an innocent player, scrolling the auction house and buying something then finding out you’re banned.

I’ve just been looking at Max’s car list and it does seem to suggest it’s the season 2 200 point car, so don’t think it should be available yet.

& @ anonyyymous - there is a difference between an innocent player stumbling across one and someone sitting there refreshing the AH waiting for one to show up. My initial post was intended to give people a heads up that may not be the greatest idea in the world


You’re correct, the car hasn’t been released yet.


Some people really “good with computers” have access to things once they are added to the game.

Is it possible it shows up in wheelspins now that it’s in the game, but not yet obtainable via the series rewards?

No, seasonal exclusive cars do not show up in wheelspins.

For a game with more bugs than features, the certainty of your statement is hilarious :slight_smile:


Nothing hilarious about his statement. I repeat his statement once again for better clarity….Seasonal exclusive cars do not show up in wheelspins and NEVER WILL. If they are added to wheelspins, no one will do Festival Playlists anymore. But good thing is: even if you miss a particular car, it can still be obtained from Auction House at higher price or wait few months for it to appear again in the later Playlists.


Can you prove otherwise?