Austrailia New Zealand Bclass four door

Full details on link below

Held Sunday evenings in Australia/NZ (other countries are welcome but timezone suits aus/nz the best)

Bit of background of vmotorsport. sim racing community with main focus on Forza and xbox one sims, We have a core group of clean drivers (varies from 8 to 10 per week,) but could always do with more.

Races will have points awarded including

2 lap Qualifying (with bonus points to the first 3 fastest laps)

A Sprint race

And a reverse grid Endurance race. (you will end up needing at least one fuel stop)

No traction or stability control

Full Build details below on link, (MUST HAVE RACE TIRES) and dont forget to add my gamertag, Stormycanz, see you on the track

Hey mate I’d be keen however I’m pretty useless so if you get a few new racers for a beginners series I’d be interested. Otherwise maybe after a lot of practice or if it can be set for me to start at the back all the time :wink: Working the next 3 sundays in any case. Is this a paid online series by any chance?

we have racers of all skill levels.

not sure i understand when you say paid.

we dont pay you

you dont pay us

but there is a championship to win (no prizes just glory)

can join mid season if you wish

Sounds good - definitely not ready to attempt a clean race but will keep my eye out for future series! Hope you get a good series. Do you record / upload clips? If so would be good to see some footage linked to the forums if thats allowed!

(Had seen previous leagues that required an entry fee is all. )

still possible to join?

Should be fine, drop by the Vmo forum on Stormy’s link!