Audio - Air filter upgrades make the interior sound really wonky

It’s almost like they’re being run through distortion of some sort. Sounds like tube drive to me. Especially noticeable in cars with inline 6 engines.

Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

Snagged a few. What I’m hearing is a nasaly frequency bump. Just not pleasant to listen to and also not realistic.

G82M4 Race >> Forza Motorsport-2024_02_12-22_29_47.mp4

BMW Z3 here
This is without >>
Forza Motorsport-2024_02_12-22_33_46.mp4

Sport >>
Forza Motorsport-2024_02_12-22_35_23.mp4

Race >>
Forza Motorsport-2024_02_12-22_34_34.mp4

One more for good measure. M3 GTS race filter >>
Forza Motorsport-2024_02_12-22_32_01.mp4

I’d like to note that both the G82 M4 and E92 M3 GTS sound totally wrong to begin with so this adds insult to injury.

Edit: well… I have embeds here directly from my onedrive but I guess they don’t work. :roll_eyes:

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