Audi A3 / S3 / RS3 2020-current

You sure that FH5 will reach the end of the road?

Of course. When a new Forza game arrives, they stop updating the old one. Obviously, it’s the last one before October’s Forza Motorsport game. It’s the pattern.

Should this car not see the light of day in FH5, let’s hope the new Forza Motorsport will feature it.

Somehow, Playground Games might be forced to develop FH6 using the new Motorsport’s physics and game engine. The next Horizon location is unknown tho, but it better be BIGGER THAN MEXICO…

Most people want FH6 to be set in Japan, with a proper big city like Tokyo.

It made sense that Forza stops supporting previous titles after the new one releases. That’s what they do since years ago. In that case, if FH5 will most likely end, then all the other cars I requested will be moved to Motorsport and FH6. I haven’t played the rest of the Motorsport titles but I am sure that the new game will be much more greater than the previous ones.

FH4 lasted until Series 37, and now FH5 might end in Series 25? Sounded like FH5 had a shorter run of its lifecycle. Dunno what new cars will be added next update, but we’ll see.

Forza Horizon 4 had 37 Series Updates before they started remixing old ones:

So if it’s anything to go by, we still have about 12 to go. Plenty of time to add a couple of nice cars and content.

That’s what I’m assuming too. It would be odd to still use the current one.

Except FM7

and FH3, and FH4 was already on its last legs by the time of the FH5 reveal

New Audi RS3 Sportback
Cylinder : 2.5L 5cyl. inj. direct turbo. HP 400 hp
GearBox: Automatic
Transmission : 4x4
Torque: 500 Nm
Speed : 155 mph
0 at 100 : 3.8 second

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