Auctions... Needs some enhancements

I like the concept, but in practice it needs some work…

  1. Bidding… I hate bidding on auctions and while I am watching it, while it is in the “Ending Soon” period, I get out bid and loose the auction because it closes, not really fair to me or the person selling the car, when I wanted to bid again/more. I really wish there was a way to place a max bid on a vehicle. So if the bid now price is 100,000CR and the buy it now is 500,000CR, I want to place a max bid of 300,000, it takes my 300k from my wallet and if I win the auction for 250k then I get the car and $50k back, if not, I get the full 300k back.
  2. Since the Car Mastery/Perk Points gets sold with the car, this should be displayed somewhere on the auction, even if it is just a 3/16 perks used, so the buyer has a better idea of what the car is… so for the cars that have CR perks or Car reward perks, that could be understood for bidding… and cause the cars to be possibly worth more or less depending on if the car/perks was used or not.
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I also think it could be optimised too a much higher standard as well, with a common error you get when bidding on cars with less than 1 minute left is “unable to place bid” which you have to leave the bidding screen and go back onto it to fix, and may have to do this multiple times. If it refreshes when you are on it that would make bidding for these cars much more fair as I have lost numerous due to this bug.

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